Just a random post

Hey everyone!

Sorry it has been a while since i’ve updated this and still have not posted x-ray photos. I’ve been too busy with school and such to stop by the surgeons office but would really like to stop by soon.

Anywho! I just thought i would share a recent comparison of my jaw that i put together ( I tend to compare a ton of before pictures with pictures I take now to see how much of a change it has been).

Also, December 19th will be my 1 year jaw surgery anniversary! I can’t believe its almost been a year! Possibly may consider posting a video on that date answering any questions you may have. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask!

I think this photo shows the change better than other photos posted. What do you think?

Left is me around this time last year before surgery and the right is me currently.JawSurgery7

Thank you for reading my blog and be sure to keep checking for the x-ray picture if you would like to see it and ask any questions you may have!




I have yet to go to the surgeons office for the last time for x-rays but when i do go i will take pictures of those and share what the results look like on the inside..

until then here is a picture of 1 year ago right before i got my braces on and the day i got my braces off, (:

Stick around if you would like to see the x-rays and if you have ANY questions don’t be afraid to ask because i will check this blog months and years from now!



Ortho update

I had one of my last orthodontist appointments today for braces. At my next appointment they will hopefully be taking my braces off. I will hopefully get my braces off on July 7th. I can’t believe it has been almost 6 months since surgery, and1 year since i began the process of jaw surgery and finding a surgeon and making appointments to make the surgery happen in December. If all goes well and I get my braces off I will also see my surgeon one last time for xrays and pictures of the complete results (pictures of the xrays and change to come in next months post).

Until next month!

Ortho May 1st Update

I had an orthodontist appointment today! Everything is moving quickly.I have a new set up of rubber bands and now I only have to hook the inside rubber bands at night. Progress! My next appointment is on June 5th and that should hopefully be my last adjustment then getting braces off in July hopefully!

Thanks for reading my blog! Will Update y’all on June 5th!

3 months post-op

Just a quick update. It’s been 3 months to the day and date since my surgery. Everything is still going great.. Still loving the results and i should be able to technically eat hard foods now. Also I haven’t mentioned too much about feeling in my face.. but for the most part i can feel my face. My upper gums however, i can barely feel anything.  

My next orthodontist appointment is on May 1st. Feel free to check my blog on or around that day for a new update about my braces progress!

That’s all for today. Feel free to ask any questions or comments you may have! (:

Week 12

12 weeks

I went to the orthodontist this week and got “buttons” or hooks put on the inside of my back teeth. They are to align the molars because my bite still isn’t right back there and these buttons will speed up the process. Fingers crossed they speed up the process and hopefully i get the buttons off at my next appointment..they are such a pain! Here is a terrible picture so you can see what hooks look like and where they are located exactly.
Thank you so much for reading my blog and don’t be afraid to ask questions and leave comments! (:

11 weeks

Wow it’s been a little over 11 weeks now since the surgery and everything is still going great! (:

Just thought I’d give that quick update. I have not been to any appointments so I do not have any new information until March 11th which is my next orthodontist appointment.

Keep coming back for more updates! (:

10 weeks post op

Hey everyone!

I am 10 weeks post op and not much has been happening but I thought i’d update y’all.

I had a cleaning at the dentist today so i went to the orthodontist to get my wires removed and placed back in after the dentist appointment. Well, my second time going to the orthodontist today i asked about how long I would be in braces for and i am estimated to have them on for a year and i’ve had them on for 7 months. However with wearing my rubber bands all the time theres possibility to have them off sooner.  We shall see what my orthodontist says at my next appointment on march 11th. 4-5 months…I can do it. It’s already been 7 months with braces and 2 months since my surgery. 5 months should be a breeze.

Keep checking back every week or so for updates and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. I will be happy to answer any questions. (: